Dated: March 4 2021

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Multiple offers are the Buyer’s nightmare! Stressful and intimidating, this process

can be optimized to significantly improve your chances to successfully secure your

new home.

1. Financing Pre-approval : In any situation when looking to purchase real estate,
your first step should be to get your financing ducks in a row. The extra touch here
is to include your confirmation letter from your financial institution with your offer.
Blackout the amount you are approved for before including it. The serious of an
official letter is definitely a positive.

2. Deposit : As much as possible, submit a bank draft for the deposit WITH your
offer. Most buyers only deliver deposit within 24 hours of an accepted offer. By
providing the deposit with the offer will again help support your case.

3. Personal Touch : Writing a personal letter to the Seller(s) explaining the reason
you chose that specific property may trigger a positive inclination towards your offer.
Homes are full of memories and strongly associated with emotions and sometimes
it makes a difference.

4. Inspection : Instead of not have an inspection at all, you may want to proceed
with a shorter version of it while viewing the property or book a visit for an inspection
before submitting the offer. The reason being to eliminate as much conditions as
possible from the offer.

5. Conditions : The less the better during very active markets. Discuss with your
Realtor what are the risks and what are the alternatives for your own specific situation.

The key during the entire house hunting process is to maintain a clear and open
communication with your Realtor about your goals, your limits and your comfort level. Asking
questions is a sign of intelligence. Just ask :)

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